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Astronomy Comfort Colors 1717 Unisex T-shirt (Magical Studies Collection)

Astronomy Comfort Colors 1717 Unisex T-shirt (Magical Studies Collection)

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Enter the enchanting realm of magical studies with our curated collection of t-shirts inspired by wizarding world classes! This collection is designed to celebrate the fascinating subjects of: Potions, Herbology, Magical Creatures, Astronomy, and Divination.
T-shirt #4 in our Magical Studies Collection.

Let our Astronomy Comfort Colors 1717 tee be a reminder that the universe is full of enchantment waiting to be discovered! Embrace the magic hidden in the depths of space and let your fascination with the universe shine in this comfortable, every-day t-shirt! 

From shooting stars that grant wishes to comets that herald change, this shirt celebrates the enchanting allure of the night sky. Let your shirt be a beacon for cosmic adventurers!

Gildan introduces the Comfort Colors 1717 garment-dyed t-shirt; a pre-shrunk cotton tee made 100% with ring-spun cotton, medium fabric (6.1 oz). The soft-washed fabric brings extra coziness to your wardrobe while the relaxed fit makes it an excellent daily choice. The double-needle stitching throughout the tee makes it highly durable while the lack of side-seams helps the shirt retain its tubular shape.

.: Made using 100% US cotton that is ethically grown and harvested. Gildan is also a proud member of the US Cotton Trust Protocol ensuring ethical and sustainable means of production.

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