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WUBE is a term of endearment we created in our family. It rhymes with "lovey" and is the word we always use when saying goodnight or goodbye. In our store and blog, a Wube-ism is defined as follows (Our own creation and definition) pronunciation: / Wuh-bee-iz-uhm: / a thought, product, issue, word, conversation, etc. that is random in nature, with no apparent segue from anything else. 

Weekly WUBE-ism


Ben Hogan was one of the greatest golfers in the history of the game. His personality could be abrasive, and he was a serious player during competition, with an intimidating personality. Interesting facts: 1) He is legendary for his dedication to practice. 2) Arguably the best ball-striker ever to play. 3) Had a horrific head-on car collision, which almost ended his career. 4) Won the Masters, the US Open and the British Open in the same year.

He is absolutely fascinating to watch in interviews, even if you don't enjoy golf!