About Us

We are a mother/daughter team dedicated to leaving the world a little better than we entered it, hoping to spread extra joy and social awareness along the way.

Having experienced a great deal of grief over the last decade, one of our Collections is centered on grief, with a message of hope, strength and survival.

As women living and building a business, we are acutely aware of the many specific challenges girls and women face, so we have one Collection devoted to women's issues and women's rights.

Our anti-racism collection is centered on creating unique and exclusive products that share a voice for equality, empathy and respect for all of the people who share this planet. 

Our Hey Boo line is for dog-lovers! Boo has been part of our family for 14 years, providing unconditional love, support, joy and fun. We hope you'll enjoy his adventures incognito, as James Boo 002. 

Wube-ism: an assortment of designs and products, on a variety of totally random topics. WUBE is a term of endearment we created in our family. It rhymes with "lovey" and is the word we always use when saying goodnight or goodbye. In our store and blog, a Wube-ism is defined as follows (Our own creation & definition) pronunciation: / Wuh-bee-iz-uhm: / a thought, product, issue, word, conversation, etc. that is random in nature, with no apparent segue from anything else. 

In addition to The WUBE Design Shop, The WUBE Life builds fantasy-themed tiny homes, and is in production on a multi-media children's project called The Sports Zoo.™

Our first tiny house was a tribute to Harry Potter, named The Hogwarts Inn Express. Tiny house number two is still in the design-stage, and will have a Black Panther theme.