About Us

We are a mother/daughter team striving to leaving the world a little better than we entered it, hoping to spread extra joy and social awareness along the way.

Having experienced a great deal of grief over the last decade, one of our Collections is centered on grief, with a message of hope, strength and survival.

As women living in the US and building a business, we are acutely aware of the many specific challenges girls and women face, so we have one Collection devoted to women's and girls' issues and rights.

Our social justice collection is centered on creating unique and exclusive products that share a voice for equality, empathy and respect for all of the people who share this planet. 

Our Hey Boo line is expansive, including dog merch, but also items that reflect the joy he inspired and ties into another substantive facet of our lives of which he was a part (literature and learning)! Boo has been in our family for 14+ years, providing unconditional love, support, joy and fun. Over time, we will introduce his adventures incognito, as James Boo 002. 

Our youth collection seeks to honor the boundless energy, creativity, and resilience that youth bring to our lives and our world. In every corner of our society, young minds are shaping the future with their innovative ideas, unwavering passion, and relentless determination. We have included clothing and accessories designed to voice their unique perspectives and youthful enthusiasm.

Wube-ism: an assortment of designs and products, on a variety of totally random topics. WUBE is a term of endearment we created in our family. It rhymes with "lovey" and is the word we always use when saying goodnight or goodbye. In our store and blog, a Wube-ism is defined as follows (Our own creation & definition) pronunciation: / Wuh-bee-iz-uhm: / a thought, product, issue, word, conversation, etc. that is random in nature, with no apparent segue from anything else. 

In addition to The WUBE Life Design Shop, The WUBE Life builds fantasy-themed tiny homes, and is in production on a multi-media children's project called The Sports Zoo.™

Our first tiny house was a tribute to Harry Potter, named The Hogwarts Inn Express. Tiny house number two is still in the design-stage, and will have a Black Panther theme.